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Improve Your Ventilation With These Simple Tips

Have you ever had a particular smell linger in your home for hours, even days?

Or maybe you just can’t seem to get rid of humidity. It always appears to be a bit damp in certain rooms. 

That may be a sign your ventilation system isn’t working at its full potential. There are a few things you can do. Improve Your Ventilation With These Simple Tips

Open a window

This is one of the easiest ways to allow a burst of fresh air into your home. You can open up a window to let hot moist air out, and cool dry air in. 

Create a draft

Opening just one window often doesn’t do the trick. Instead, open up more than one window at a time in different parts of the room. This will create a draft that whisks smoke and smell from cooking away. While it’s best if the windows are in the same room, you can use it to create a draft throughout one floor, such as in two separate bedrooms, or in a living/family room situation where a cross breeze can be achieved. 

Use a box fan

To further increase a draft that pulls air and moisture out of your home, use a box fan in a window and point it so the air is blowing outside the window. This will pull smoky or steamy air from where it’s building up inside your home and push it outside and away from causing problems. 

Use your hood fan

Any time you’re cooking and using your burners, turn on your hood fan to help with ventilation. This helps pull moisture up and out of your home rather than leaving it to accumulate inside your kitchen, making it feel cooler and reducing the odor. 

Use your exhaust fan

Bathrooms are often located in small interior rooms where moist air can sit and accumulate. Install a high quality exhaust fan and ensure it’s working well at all times. Be sure to use it, especially when bathing or showering. 

Proper ventilation is important to ensure your home is comfortable and provides a healthy indoor air supply. If you have any questions about your ventilation system, we’re here to help.

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