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Improving Your Outdoor Electrical Safety in Atlanta

While we may be conscious of electrical safety issues inside the home, many of us tend to draw a blank when we head outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are doing yard work or simply enjoying a day on your patio, it is important to know how you can prevent electrical injury for you or a family member.

Be Aware Of Water

Always keep electronics and electrical cords away from pools, fountains, spas and other wet areas. Be aware of moveable electrical items, especially when using water. It’s easy to forget an electrical appliance when you move it from one location to another. That can be a problem when spraying down the deck with water, or even using the garden hose to water plants and flowerpots.

Be Aware Of Power Lines

If you are working or cleaning the outside of your home, make sure you maintain a distance of 10 feet or more from any power line. This includes ladders, power tools, or hoses and water supplies. Leave work that puts you at risk to the professionals.

Be Aware Of Power Tools

Outdoor power equipment takes more abuse than other appliances inside your home. Be sure to check your power tools and lawnmowers regularly for frayed cords or damage to cords or plugs. If unsure or if you notice problems, discontinue use. Always error on the side of safety.

Be Aware Of Moisture

Dew on grass or heavy condensation after a rainstorm or sprinkling can be enough to cause electrical shock. Make sure it is completely dry outside when using any electrical equipment, including a lawn mower.

Be Aware Of Lighting

Are those new strings of lights designed for outdoor use? Be sure all outdoor lighting around your home is weatherproof and approved for outdoor use.

Be Aware Of Out Of Date Technology

Are all of your outdoor outlets GFCI protected? Older homes might not have electrical outlets at the proper code. By upgrading technology, you can ensure the safety of everyone in your family, no matter if they are inside or out.

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