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Why Your Indoor Air Quality Matters in Atlanta

Right now, over 17 million people across the US have asthma, says the American Lung Association. And many millions more suffer from respiratory illnesses, including allergies and hay fever.

One of the things that exacerbate the problem is indoor air quality. And over time, indoor air quality has consistently been getting worse.Why Your Indoor Air Quality Matters

Head back in time over a century ago, and you’ll find houses that were natural and anything but efficient. They were constructed of lumber made from freshly cut trees. Windows were often nothing more than a piece of glass. Insulation was non-existent.

Then we became more efficient in everything we do. We found ways to speed up the manufacturing process; found ways to make create the items we need in a laboratory instead of out in nature.

And the effects compounded in our homes and work spaces.

Today’s buildings are some of the most efficient buildings ever. But is there such a thing as too efficient? If your systems aren’t working correctly, it may be so. A building’s envelope becomes as tight as it can be. All gaps are eliminated, so air is no longer pulled in. What air is introduced into the building stays within the building.

And that’s where indoor air quality matters most. That’s where the products and chemicals you introduce into your indoor environment matter most.

All gas-burning appliances should be direct-vented to the outside. Low or no VOC paint, carpeting, and cabinetry should be used throughout. Formaldehyde-free particle board should be used to reduce the level of chemical pollutants in the living space.

For more than a decade now, superior building products have been in the marketplace that can improve IAQ. We recognize the importance of keeping harmful chemicals away from the air we breathe. It’s something you should be concerned with both where you work and where you play.

Over the same decade the HVAC industry has recognized the growing problems and manufactures have stepped up to offer products that combat Indoor Air Quality problems. As HVAC experts, we are here to help by offering solutions.

Do you have a proper HVAC system in place that is regularly maintained?

Do you have energy recovery ventilators or heat recovery ventilators to help pull fresh air in while exhausting stale air out?

Do you have low or no VOC paints, flooring, and finishes throughout?

How do you address moisture control throughout your living or work space?

Are gas appliances direct-vented outside?

Do you have a way to seal your home from pests and insects from entering your home?

Efficiency only means so much if the environment you spend up to 90 percent of your time in isn’t as healthy as possible.

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How safe is your indoor air quality?

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