Infrared System Inspections | R.S. Andrews, Atlanta GA

Our Infrared Inspection Cameras

Inspection Camera

Every R.S. Andrews technician has been trained to use, and carries with him, a high-tech Infrared video inspection camera. This camera allows the technician to spot any hard-to-find issues that you might be having with your furnace, air conditioner, water heater, or plumbing systems. It enables our technicians to diagnose the problem, quickly and correctly, and allows them to show you the problem so you can see it yourself.The Inspector

Furnace Inspection

The Inspector infrared video inspection camera allows our technicians to clearly see any holes, cracks, rust, or corrosion damage inside your furnace.

Air Conditioning Inspections

The Inspector infrared camera perfectly addresses the need for an inspection tool to check out evaporator coils or inaccessible blowers, and/or condensate pans without having to opening up sheet metal plenums of your air conditioning system.

The Inspector

Safety Inspections

Your R.S. Andrews technician will use the Inspector camera to perform a very thorough and complete safety inspection of a homeowner’s furnace and heat exchanger. Only about 20% of the surface of a heat exchanger can actually be viewed with a flashlight and a mirror. With today’s technology, claiming to have done a complete examination of a heat exchanger without an inspection camera is not valid. R.S. Andrews’ use of the Inspector camera ensures that our inspections are thorough.

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