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Should You Install A Walk-In Tub


Doing a little remodeling in your home? One of the hottest trends in the renovation industry is aging in place technology. Instead of installing retrofitted items into your home as you face surgeries or problems stemming from chronic conditions, people are choosing to create rooms that will adjust based on their needs.

One of the riskiest rooms in your home is the bathroom. Flooring is often slippery. Space is sometimes limited for walkers, wheelchairs, or even an extra set of hands. And the bathtub? Nothing attracts potential problems more to a person with mobility issues than having to step up and over the side of the tub.

Traditional bathtubs present a variety of problems, both for the elderly and for the caregivers providing care. An easy solution is to install a walk-in tub, a special tub designed with a walk-in door to provide easy access to walk in and sit down without having to crawl over the side.  But is it right for you?

How do walk in tubs work?

A walk in tub is designed with a door that open and closes either on the front or side of the tub. The door opens to give the user the ability to get into the tub without having to lift their legs high over the side. When the door is closed, it creates a seal that allows water to stay in the tub and won’t flood the surrounding area. Most come with a fast draining system so you won’t have to wait for long periods of time after use.

Why are they safer?

The obvious advantage is a walk in tub makes it easier to get in and out of the tub, especially important for people with mobility issues. It reduces the risk of falling considerably. Walk in tubs also come with a lot of features designed specifically for people with mobility issues, such as handrails, seats and floors made from skid-proof textures, and pads that help users keep their heads above water.

What are the problems?

In order to use a walk-in tub, you must enter it before filling it up. That means the user can get chilled while waiting for it to fill, and again when the tub is draining. While most tubs come with quick filling and draining features, it is important to keep this in mind as you are shopping for a walk in tub. The quicker filling features often come with a higher pricetag. And because walk-in tubs are different sizes than traditional tubs, they may require more water, which for some homes may also require a new water heater to keep up with demand.

Walk in tubs are a great solution for many homeowners as they begin remodeling their homes for their empty nest years and beyond. While some can be retrofitted into the space you already have, others may require work to fit into your existing space. That can require a professional plumber to ensure all hookups are properly installed.

What plumbing projects are a part of your remodeling process?

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