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Install A Water Filtration System In Your Atlanta Home

What would life be like without water? Here on earth, we couldn’t survive at all.

Although nearly two-thirds of the earth is filled with water, water issues are still our number one concern. Almost 2.5 billion people don’t have proper sanitation. Almost a billion people don’t have access to clean water. And around 6 million will die from consequences related to water-borne diseases.Install A Water Filtration System In Your Home

Still, here in the US, we rarely think about water problems at all. That’s the rest of the world, not us, right? Think again. We consistently have problems with the water supply right here in our own backyard.

Before water reaches your home, it goes through an intense process to move it from origination to the tap in your kitchen or bath. It’s designed to remove the bad and leave the good. Chemicals such as chlorine or chloramine are added to neutralize the bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other contaminants that can hurt the human body. It also goes through a filtration process designed to eliminate sediment and dirt.

While our national filtration system does remove many things harmful to our health, there is only so much a national system can do. National systems shoot for the norm; they focus on getting the water supply to an acceptable level, which has been predetermined in the past. Which is why many homeowners are taking it upon themselves to go to the next step.

Are you thinking of adding a water filtration system to your home?

Reverse Osmosis is a cost effective filtration system that can benefit you on many levels.

A reverse osmosis system uses water pressure to filter your home’s water through a semipermeable membrane that further eliminates harmful chemicals in your water. It takes the water as it enters your home and makes it cleaner.

You can incorporate a reverse osmosis system in your home on a small scale, retrofitted at individual sources such as your kitchen sink. Or you can use reverse osmosis to integrate into your entire home’s water supply.

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Which system is right for you depends on your pipes, the way you use water, and what kind of water you have in place. If you’re ready to make your home’s water as clean as it can be, contact us today.

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