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Is Now The Time To Switch To LED Holiday Lights?

You know that box of Christmas lights you have stored in the garage. How long have you been putting them up and on display? Have you been decorating with incandescent lights for years, and only recently begun thinking about what a switch to LED would mean?

LED lights use light-emitting diodes rather than filament to produce light. LED technology is more efficient than incandescent lighting, is more durable for the long haul. They don’t burn out like other bulbs, which means you won’t have the problems of hunting and replacing. They also don’t feel hot to the touch, making them safer to use around your family and your home.Is Now The Time To Switch To LED Holiday Lights?

What you may not have realized about incandescent bulbs is that they are highly inefficient. As much as 90 percent of their energy is released as heat. That’s why the bulbs get so warm while they are in use.

LEDs are different. The US Department of Energy says that LEDs used up to 75 percent less energy and will last up to 25 times as long. They don’t burn out; they just grow dimmer over time. That means you don’t have to hunt for the one that is out and replace it. You just plug them in, and they’ll light up every year, every time.

The best part is they don’t get warm. That means no matter where you place them, they won’t have the same risks as their incandescent counterparts. They are safe to use in all of your holiday decorations – the tree, the wreath, garland, even on your windows near drapery. They are also cool to the touch, meaning they won’t pose a risk to tiny hands that like to touch.

They also won’t send your utility bills skyrocketing. Even if you tend to go a little Christmas Vacation with your decorating.

The bulbs are plastic instead of glass. Meaning they won’t break when you store them in a box with all of your other holiday decor. While wrapping them is a great convenience, you won’t have to worry about damage.

And what can add even more fun to your decorating is the fact that LED lights come in many different styles, sizes, shapes, and options. From rope lights, to snowflake-shaped lights, from large bulbs to the tiniest of twinkles, you’ll find anything you need to create the perfect display.

Sure, the initial cost may be required. You have to purchase them to gain the benefits. However, the cost will be offset over time in your lower energy bills. And you won’t have to replace them often.

So give them a try this holiday season. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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