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Is Your Home Uncomfortable? Maybe You Need Weatherization

Home is where the heart is. Nothing helps you relax and recover from your busy days more than having a comfortable home to come home to. 

But maybe you’ve noticed your home isn’t as warm as it once was. Maybe sitting in your favorite chair now leaves you chilled, reaching for a blanket. 

It may be time to weatherize your home. Is Your Home Uncomfortable? Maybe You Need Weatherization

Weatherization helps make your home a warmer, healthier place to live. By improving efficiencies, your home will be better insulated, have better moisture control, provide proper ventilation, and create a system that works as effectively as possible.

Have you noticed:

  • Certain places throughout your home that are colder or warmer than others?
  • Drafts near doors or windows, even when they are shut?
  • Rising utility bills without significant changes in the weather.
  • Moisture and humidity problems are increasing throughout your home.
  • The HVAC system cycles more frequently, or seems to run constantly without a break.
  • The dust is piling up and you’ve had more colds or other flu-like symptoms than normal.

All of this and more can be solved by weatherization. 

The first step is in scheduling a home energy evaluation. This is where we find out where leaks and other potential problems lie. 

Air sealing can help find and fix tiny cracks, leaks, and gaps throughout your home that are allowing conditioned air to escape. 

Duct sealing can seal and insulate your air ducts to improve performance and air quality. 

Adding insulation improves thermal efficiency and performance. 

How efficient is your home? Is it time to bump up weatherization and make your home a warm, safe place to come home to? We can help.

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