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It’s Time To Make Sure Your Commercial Generator Is Working The Way It Should

Ice. Snow. Heavy winds. Heavy rains. It’s a yearly cycle of bad weather, all impacting the functionality of your business. 

Commercial generators are often the lifeblood of a business. They ensure you have power no matter what the weather conditions are like on the outside. Keeping your generator running smoothly isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. What should you do? It’s Time To Make Sure Your Commercial Generator Is Working The Way It Should

When properly maintained, a commercial generator can provide twenty years or more of life. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and offer a range of benefits to your commercial location. Like other systems, the best way to ensure a long and uneventful life is to provide maintenance to all components on a regular basis. That means:

Change out serviceable parts regularly, like the air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs. 

Check oil levels in the engine. Your oil level should always be kept near the full mark, without going over. Change out the oil every 1,000 operating hours to ensure efficiency. 

Check the battery. The battery should be free of corrosion, and be kept at full charge. When in doubt, this is the first thing you should change out as it’s one of the most common problems with commercial generators service calls. 

Inspect drives and belts. Like other systems, drives and belts wear out over time. Check for cracks, leaks, tears, and other problem areas before they start to cause problems. 

Clear the area around the generator. The purpose of a generator is to give you power in the event something happens to the traditional power lines. But if your generator is impacted by bad weather too, you’re going to have an increased risk of it failing as well. Regular maintenance means keeping both the generator and the area around it free of dirt and debris, and ensuring the outside fixture is in good condition. 

Test regularly. You can’t rely on something if you don’t know if it’s working correctly. To ensure your generator is there when you need it, run it regularly to test. Running it for 30 minutes or so monthly will ensure all parts are properly lubricated, and that moisture and other debris are burned away. It will also keep your battery fully charged and ready for when you need it. 

Of course, portable models are different than models in place. If you have a portable model, you still should test it on a regular basis. Be sure to keep it away from windows and doors where carbon monoxide buildup could be a problem. Test it out as if you were in an emergency situation – it’s the only way to determine if you have the proper tools in place. 

Not sure if your commercial generator is ready to go? Want to explore new commercial generator options? We can help. Give us a call today. 

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