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It’s Time To Prevent Holiday Plumbing Nightmares Before They Happen

As we head into the last two months of the year, your calendar might be checkered with holiday parties. It’s fun planning dinners and events with family and friends. And with the increased traffic in your home, you might be starting the planning process now to ensure everything goes smoothly.

One of the most common problems party planners face is holiday plumbing nightmares – they are unplanned and unwanted. Yet most plumbers will tell you there are easy ways to avoid them.It’s Time To Prevent Holiday Plumbing Nightmares Before They Happen

Keep your holiday parties successful by keeping a few things in mind as you wrap up your last minute plans.

The most common problem

If you’ve guessed “clogs” as the most common problem homeowners face, you’re correct. People attempt to send an increased amount of food through the garbage disposal and down the drain. Fat, oil, and grease are troublesome for your pipes. They move from liquid to solid form as they flow from your sink, through the garbage disposal, down the drain, and through your pipe on the way out of your home. As it heats, it liquifies. As it cools, it solidifies and attaches itself to anything in its path. It forms this gum-like substance that can create a tight mess. Our best advice is to throw it away instead of sending it down the drain.

Other things to avoid

Fat, oil, and grease aren’t the only culprits that clog your pipes. We’ve created other lists here on our blog to help you understand what shouldn’t go down. Never put anything down that can grow and expand like a sponge. Bread, pasta, rice, or beans not only add to a clog, but they can also make it that much worse.


While your kitchen might have the biggest potential problem areas, it’s not the only room in the home where potential problems may occur. More traffic in and out of your home means more trips to the bathroom. When was the last time your toilets were maintained? Before the guests start to arise, consider having one of our technicians scope out your drains and ensure they are running smoothly. It will prevent clogs and overflows at the most inopportune times.

Water heater

Ever noticed how the holidays come at the coldest time of the year? That means you put more demand on the amount of hot water you request from your water heater. How old is it? Have you had trouble with it in the past? On average, a tank water heater will last eight to twelve years. If you’re right in the middle of that timeframe, the writing may be on the wall. Isn’t it better to replace equipment on your terms, rather than in an emergency situation?

Want an Atlanta plumbing service that’s on your side, ready to ensure your house is working correctly before the guests arrive? We’re here to help with any questions you may have, from routine maintenance to emergency services. Give us a call today.

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