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Keeping Your Atlanta Garbage Disposal Working All Year Long

Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Working All Year Long

A garbage disposal is one of those appliances that offers convenience, yet also requires a lot of maintenance if we use it in the wrong way. Many of the problems are avoidable in you know how to properly use your garbage disposal.

Don’t put the wrong items down your disposal

A garbage disposal is designed to grind small amounts of food and scraps before sending it all down the drain. It isn’t designed for large quantities of food. It also isn’t designed to handle animal bones, grease, fat, oil, or any plastic, metal or glass. You should also avoid putting down any food that expands in water. If you have large amounts of scraps and food, scrape them into the trash first before sending smaller amounts down the drain.

Never put large objects or large quantities down your disposal

Large items not only have the potential of clogging, but they also put the blade of your garbage disposal at risk. Don’t allow the sink to accumulate large quantities of food before you push it down the drain to dispose of it. If you have larger items, break them into smaller chunks first.

Avoid grease and oil

Many of the fats, grease and oil you use in cooking are solid before use, liquefy when heated up, only to return to solids when they cool. This same process can occur inside your drains. If you send grease and oil down, they can cool and solidify, sticking to the inner walls of your pipes. Over time, this builds up and causes more problems. The easiest solution is to never send grease and oil down the drain.

Clean your disposal the right way

When your disposal clogs, it’s easy to reach for chemical cleaners you’ll find in your local discount store. Avoid them as they contain chemicals that can damage your disposal. Instead, choose natural drain cleaners like baking soda and vinegar. Use a plumbers snake on easy to reach clogs. And when you have a bigger clog that just won’t seem to go away, call in an Atlanta plumber.

Don’t forget the reset button

If your disposal is acting up, check and see if the reset button at the bottom of the unit has tripped. If it has, press it back in and try the unit again.

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