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Does LED Lighting Work For Your Outside Living Space in Atlanta?

LED lighting is showing up everywhere. If it’s been awhile since you’ve upgraded the lighting in your outside living space, you may not have thought about all the benefits LEDs bring to the great outdoors. Whether it’s porch lights to welcome you home or lights on your deck to light up your entertainment area, you’ll find LEDs incorporated into more choices than ever before.

Federal regulations require that making and importing conventional 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs end by 2020, and as these deadlines approach, manufacturers are developing many options for replacement, improving style and design. Thus, you’ll find LED fixtures are easier to find than ever before.

But don’t think you have to give up what you love most about incandescent bulbs. As manufacturers improve their products, you’ll find many different options available to you. And because LED lights last longer and are more efficient to operate, you’ll save in the long run.


Pricing of LED fixtures remains higher than their incandescent counterparts. But that’s changing. In fact, if you search online at all, you’ll find they are becoming more competitive all the time.

Where the real price difference lies is with operation. Integrated LED fixtures operate at lower wattages and include hardware that regulates the amount of electricity they receive. That means the transformers are less expensive too. If you’re installing for the first time, you’ll need less wiring, and because it takes less time to install, it’s easier on your wallet.


LED fixtures contain electronic circuitry, which means they can adapt to other technologies easier. That includes wireless access and remote control capabilities. Want to dim the lighting for a romantic dinner with your spouse? You can control it remotely. Want the light to dim automatically late in the evening? That’s doable too. And because many of today’s manufacturers are designing with Bluetooth or wifi in mind, home automation is available at the touch of a button. Which means you can control it all even when you’re not at home.


The best reason to move to LED is the bulb itself. Improvements have made LED bulbs take fewer watts to produce the same amount of light as older technology. A 5 or 6 watt LED bulb is perfectly sufficient for entry lighting, for example. And LED lights last longer, which means you can enjoy them more without having to replace the bulbs on a regular basis.

And the future is bright for where LED technology will go. In the near future, you’ll be able to create customized light displays, changing it out for different seasons or different moods. You’ll find LED lighting can create more options with little work needed for integration. Once in place, you’ll have a world of options right at your fingertips.

LED Lighting Installation in Atlanta

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