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LEED Certification For Your Commercial Property

LEED Certification For Your Commercial Property

LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a green building rating program operating under the US Green Building Council. It’s a rating system designed to encourage and reward sustainable design in several areas, including site choice, energy savings, water efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions, and indoor environmental quality, to name a few. Not only is it designed to provide a more efficient and sustainable building, but it’s also intended to improve employee well-being.

The LEED program is a four-tiered credit based system that awards points for compliance with different levels of sustainability.

LEED Certification – 40 to 49
LEED Silver – 50 to 59
LEED Gold – 60 to 70
LEED Platinum – 80 points or higher

Building owners can apply for LEED certification in one of four categories:

Building design and construction
Interior design and construction
Building operations and maintenance
Neighborhood development

Building design and construction includes both new construction and major renovations. A major HVAC overhaul would be included in this category.

Interior design covers complete interior retooling for individual office, retail or hospitality space. The project team may not have control over the entire building, instead, just their individual unit.

Building operations and maintenance would be for improving sustainability in operating systems and other building aspects. Bringing an old, inefficient building up to date has less impact on the environment than creating a brand new sustainable unit.

Neighborhood development would refer to items that impact an entire community, such as designing walkable lifestyle space.

LEED buildings are certified by requesting a certification process and registering with the USGBC. A project team will be assigned to work together throughout the process. Points are awarded for actions based on their lower environmental impact and greater benefit to humankind. They can be awarded in six categories:

location and transportation
materials and resources
water efficiency
energy and atmosphere
sustainable sites
indoor environmental quality

Interested in becoming LEED certified? Looking to make changes to your existing building to help you become more sustainable and environmentally friendly? We can help. Through an on-site audit, we can determine where your weakest points lie and provide you with the best ways to improve them. Whether it’s replacing old plumbing, installing new HVAC equipment or working to improve indoor air quality, we can help your building become more efficient today.

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