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Nervous About Blown-In Insulation?

Did you know that most of the expense on your utility bill comes from heating and cooling costs? Did you know that if you’re looking for ways to curb those costs, adding blown-in insulation is one of your best steps?

Insulating your attic helps reduce the amount of energy you use to keep your home a set temperature. And when your home retains its heat longer, that means a more comfortable home for you to live in.Nervous About Blown-In Insulation?

If you’re thinking about adding blown-in insulation, you might have a few questions. 

Is fiberglass insulation safe? 

Fiberglass has been a popular choice for home insulation for several decades. It’s made of recycled glass, and plastic filaments spun into fibers. This fibrous material not only slows the transfer of heat and cold, it can also help as a sound barrier too. 

When installed correctly, fiberglass is a safe material. And because it’s made of glass, it’s flame-retardant, and it’s moisture-resistant and helps stop the spread of biological growth. 

Is it safe handling fiberglass?

When fiberglass is installed correctly, it doesn’t pose any risks. When you move or disturb it, it releases tiny particle into the air. If they come in contact with your skin, they can cause irritations or rashes. If they are inhaled, they can lodge into your lungs and cause coughing and other respiratory problems. It’s important to handle it in a proper manner, which includes wearing a long sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, goggles, and a respiratory mask. 

How energy efficient is it?

When most people think of insulation, they think of the big rolls of pink or yellow sheets. But fiberglass insulation also comes in bags as loose fill, installed with a specially designed blower system used to push the fibers into all of the nooks and corners of your space. The advantages of adding blown-in insulation include:

  • Gives an installer the ability to add the correct depth and density for optimal coverage
  • Fills gaps and spaces that are hard to reach with other methods of installation
  • Provides easy delivery to the most difficult spaces
  • Increases efficiency because it settles into spaces that might be left open with other insulation options

Are you ready to increase your home’s energy efficiency with blown-in insulation today?

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