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Popup Power Outlets For Your Kitchen

Kitchens have always been the most used rooms in the home. They are the gathering place, the party place, the place where things get done. That’s why it’s especially important to make them as functional as possible. 

Outlets should be a part of that functionality. Popup Power Outlets For Your Kitchen

If your home was built years ago, your outlets might not be in the best places. Designers today know that with a little thought, you can have them strategically placed so you’ll never be far from an outlet again. They can be injected into islands, hidden from view, have multi sizes and multi functionality. In short, they can be ready and available for all of your needs, whenever you need them. 

With a little planning, of course.

And one of our favorites is the popup electrical outlet. 

If you already have a kitchen island, you might have outlets on the side of the island. That’s where most designers placed them years ago. That’s no longer the case. Today, there are many different popup options that create a smooth counter space, and at a touch, the outlet opens to reveal multiple outlets. 

This isn’t just for the islands. You can utilize this same technology on all of your counterspace. If you’ve always had a problem finding enough space and outlets for your favorite appliances, that will no longer be the case. Keep your toaster and coffee pot together – and still have room for the appliances you pull out of the cabinets once in a while.

Out of sight, out of mind. Popup outlets are the perfect way to gain extra space while having convenience at the same time. 

Many of the newest electrical outlets have USB outlets as well They’re perfect when the kids need to utilize technology for homework, or you simply want to plugin and charge while whipping together cookies for the bake sale, or find a new recipe online. 

These popup outlets come in many different shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Have you ever had an appliance with an extra large plug take up the entire outlet? No more. Not when you can have electrical access on multiple sides of the popup. That means more convenience, all of the time. 

So what’s your desired look? What finish do you prefer? What size or shape works well with your decor? If you’re looking to make your kitchen even easier to function in, let us help you stay more connected while you work with popup outlets. 

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