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Ready For A Whole House Surge Protector?

Minor power surges happen in milliseconds and can easily harm or destroy the delicate electronics we have placed throughout our homes. And much to the surprise of homeowners, they happen quite frequently.

If anything, our power supply increases every year. Take a look around your home; how many electronic devices do you own? How many do you use to function every day? This increase in usage puts us at risk, especially when storms or downed lines are impacted by things beyond our control. And when the power is down, everything in our homes becomes vulnerable.Ready For A Whole House Surge Protector?

That’s why many homeowners are turning to whole house surge protectors. We love them for several reasons.

1. They protect electronics as long as you protect the low voltage wiring as well – from your phones, tablets and computer equipment, to your home theater audio and visual equipment, these expensive devices are more sensitive to spikes that occur regularly in the power supply.

2. They are inexpensive – add up how much you’ve invested in all of your electronics and major appliances. One surge could take many of them out. The price of installing a whole house surge protector far outweighs replacement costs of all of these devices.

3. They protect everywhere – sure, you might have a surge protector attached to the computer equipment in your home office, but how effective is that device? And what about all of the other major appliances throughout your home? Whole house surge protectors cover you everywhere, every outlet, every device.

4. They are an easy solution – did you know up to 80 percent of power surges start within your home? Major appliances like your refrigerator or air conditioner cycle on and off all day. This on/off function is enough to cause a power surge that can rip through your power lines and impact other connected items. While the damage may not be immediate, it can cause all of your electronics to burn out prematurely.

Is it time to install a whole house surge protector in your home? Be sure to call someone you can trust. Someone who will ensure the device is current and up to date, using the most recent UL No 1449 rating, which is an important safety rating. It should protect your major appliances.

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