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Remodeling in Atlanta? Don’t Forget Your Plumbing

Is this the year you start a remodeling project inside your home? Statistics show that the kitchen and bathroom are the top rooms we tackle when it comes to upgrades. Not only are they the rooms where you spend the most amount of time, but they are also the places that add the most to your home’s resale value.

Nothing can be more exciting than starting the process. You buy up home magazines, and start pouring over the pages to select the things you most like. You visit home improvement centers, taking in ideas like a sponge. And HGTV becomes your new best friend. Quickly you determine the things you simply have to have.

The new steam shower in the bathroom? Yes, please.

The six burner gas range? Definitely.

But as you start down the remodeling road, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time considering the aesthetics of the project, and little time on the functionality. It’s okay, we all do it. Because it’s a lot more fun looking through color charts and decorations than it is to look at wiring and pipes.

Home improvement projects can quickly turn into a disaster, however, if you don’t have the right support behind the project right from the beginning. And in most cases, that means professional help. There’s always areas where a professional plumber can help: adding water lines for your upgraded shower, a pot filler faucet near the stove. Electricians can provide additional outlets where you need them most. HVAC technicians will ensure your ducts are adequate, and that vents are providing conditioned air right where you need it most.

While some things you might naturally realize you need to bring a professional in for, other things may seem like the perfect DIY project. This is when problems are most likely to occur. If you’re changing a wide variety of things in your home, you’re more likely to miss the little details that can have disastrous results. Here are a couple of scenarios we’ve encountered over the years.

One couple updated their bathroom by adding new fixtures: a new toilet, a new vanity, new sink, new faucet, even a new showerhead. By doing the work themselves, they didn’t notice a tiny drip from the plumbing behind the new vanity they installed. Months later, the problems began. And when the hunt started in to determine where the problem originated from, they discovered biological growth over several feet of wall space.

One homeowner used his DIY skills to remodel his out-of-date kitchen. The cupboards, countertops and new appliances slid into place without problems. But what the homeowner didn’t look for and didn’t consider was the quality of the pipes. Older homes have old pipes, and in some cases, they can begin corroding from the inside out. In a matter of months, this homeowner had to rip out his new kitchen to fix the problem. A problem that could have been resolved before the upgrades began had he utilized the skills of a professional plumber during the process.

Plumbing Service in Atlanta

Even with the simplest of projects, having an extra set of eyes and hands can help you accomplish your remodel in the best way possible. If you need the help of plumbers in the Atlanta area, contact R.S. Andrews for assistance!

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