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Retrocommissioning May Be The Way To Improve Efficiency

How many years ago was your property built?

Commercial buildings frequently have changes made based on new occupants and tenants. Walls are ripped down and put up in new places. Entire floors are reconstructed to suit a new tenants needs. 

And even though the building’s overall mechanical, electrical, and control systems continue to operate as originally installed, making these changes can have a big impact on performance and efficiency. Retrocommissioning May Be The Way To Improve Efficiency

All buildings go through degradation over time. That’s why retrocommissioning can help you improve efficiency and resolve problems that have developed with each change. Retrocommissioning identifies and fixes things like:

  • Lighting that no longer works for specific areas
  • Equipment that is on when it isn’t needed
  • Overloaded systems that heat and cool simultaneously trying to remain in balance
  • Controls not functioning properly
  • Thermostats out of calibration
  • Belts, fans, valves, and other mechanical items in need of repair

Retrocommissioning can produce significant savings for a property owner depending on the size, age, and location of the building. 

  • It can reduce the daily operating costs.
  • It can help your existing equipment perform better, longer.
  • And because your equipment will be performing at its optimal capacity, it can lead to a more consistent temperature control throughout.

That means better air indoor quality and fewer complaints. 

Studies show that the average commercial building in the US is about 50 years old. The average mixed-use building is approximately 75 years old. Even commercial/industrial condos currently are peaking at about 31 years. 


That means a lot of our commercial properties are operating far less efficiently than is possible. 

How old is your building? When was the last time you made significant upgrades to improve efficiency? If your answer isn’t readily available, how much could you gain by simple, straightforward improvements? 

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