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Right Now Is A Great Time For A Ceiling Fan

The temperatures are rising. It’s hot and sticky. Just another summer day in Atlanta. 

It’s hard not to notice how uncomfortable the weather can make you feel. Especially as you move from a comfortable office, to a car that takes minutes to bring to temperature, and finally to your home. Depending on how you control your HVAC system, you might walk into a home that’s designed for efficiency. Right Now Is A Great Time For A Ceiling FanThat means the air conditioning has been turned down while you were away. 

That also means a warm home that’s uncomfortable at best. How can you get relief?

Head to the coolest room in your home. Install a ceiling fan, and the coolness can sweep over you in seconds. 

Ceiling fans are designed to create a cool breeze throughout the space. When you feel hot and sticky, a cool breeze can dry your skin and provide you with quick relief. It makes the temperatures more bearable. 

Ceiling fans don’t provide cold air. Instead, they provide air movement that helps a body stay cooler. Think of this as wind chill – the ability for a breeze to help cool you down. Because wind chill helps make you more comfortable, you don’t need to crank up your air conditioner. You can lower the temperature by a few degrees and still feel cool. 

That means by installing a ceiling fan in the rooms you use most, you can lower your energy bills in the process. Keeping your air conditioner at a higher setting means less cost to you on your monthly utility bill. All of this without the loss of comfort. 

Yes, it does take energy to operate a ceiling fan. But today’s ceiling fans are more efficient than ever. And because they are growing in popularity, you’ll find a ceiling fan to match any decor. Are you a traditionalist? Try a ceiling fan with a classic wooden finish. Looking for a contemporary design? Sleek designs in a variety of colors and hues are available to you. If you have something in mind, you can find it with just a little search. 

Three blades or four? How about seven or eight? Maybe you like silver or gold instead of wood? Want to add light – be sure to include LED. Or perhaps you’re looking for indoor/outdoor ceiling fans; you’ll find those too. 

If you have a low clearance basement or outdoor patio, you can find a ceiling fan for you. Have vaulted ceilings but still want air movement? There’s a ceiling fan option for you. 

That’s the beauty of ceiling fan technology; you’ll find something to please as well as do its job to help keep you cool. 

Rather than buying one from a big box store, talk with one of our experts instead. We can ensure you select the right ceiling fan for your room to help keep you cool all summer long. 

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