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How Much Can You Save By Reducing Electricity Use?

How Much Can You Save By Reducing Electricity Use?

Have you ever been shocked when you opened up your electricity bill? After the shock of how much you owe wears off, spend a moment looking at your electricity usage.

Reducing the energy you use each day not only saves you money, but it also increases our energy security and reduces pollution that is emitted from non-renewable resources. In order to reduce your daily energy use, the first place to look is at your electricity loads.

Appliances and Electronics – Start by purchasing energy efficient products and operate them as efficiently as possible. Purchase advanced power strips that will reduce loads when not in use. Many appliances and electronics waste energy even when not in use. Advanced power strips reduce the load when they are sitting idle.

Heating and Cooling – There are many things you can do to keep the conditioned air in your home where it is supposed to be. Properly insulating and sealing your home to avoid leaks is a great place to start. Also, upgrade your equipment to energy efficient furnace and air conditioning units that give you flexibility in using it as efficiently as possible.

Water Heater –  Purchase a highly efficient water heater to keep your water heating usage to a minimum. Talk with a technician to determine if tankless water heaters or recirculating water pumps can help.

Lighting – You can bring more daylight into your home by using energy efficient windows and skylights. And when natural lighting isn’t an option, ensuring you are using the latest technology in home lighting will allow you to keep electrical usage to a minimum.

Want to know where else you can save money? Consider a home energy audit to find out how you can conserve energy today.

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