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Saving Water in Atlanta While You’re Away For The Holidays

Saving Water

Heading out of town this holiday season? Vacations are a great way to enjoy the festivities, relax, unwind and destress.

They’re also a great time to put into action a number of routine energy saving strategies before you leave. Doing so will not only ensure you save energy and eliminate water waste, but it can also help your home stay safe while you are away.

Check Your Water Heater

Water heaters account for a large percentage of the energy and water usage that takes place in a home. If you have a tank water heater, reduce the temperature while you are away. Because a tank water heater keeps a supply of heated water at whatever temperature you request, lowering it can reduce the energy required to keep it heated and running. You can also consider a tankless water heater to avoid keeping a heated water supply at bay.

Inspect Your Home For Leaks

A quick walk through of your home will show you if you have vulnerable places. Examine all elements where leaks can take place: pipes, water heaters, roof shingles, hoses and more. Look for cracks, moisture, drops or puddles of water where they shouldn’t be.

Inspect Appliances

Many Atlanta home appliances use water supplies every day. Refrigerators, washers, dishwashers, and more not only consume energy while plugged in, but they can also have direct lines to a water supply. Ensure these are properly fitted and aren’t leaking.

Prevent Pipes From Freezing

It’s natural to turn the heat down while you’re away. But that can leave your pipes at risk, especially with a quick turn in weather conditions. Keep cabinets located under the sink open to keep air circulating. Consider turning off the main water supply. This will ensure limited water supply in case of a leak or busted pipe.

Once you’re home from the holidays, do another quick search as you turn on your water supply and heat your home. Ensure that leaks, cracks or breaks didn’t impact your Atlanta home in any way.

Plumbing Services in Atlanta

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