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Should You Invest In a Connected Smart Ceiling Fan?

How do you make your HVAC system more integrated with your home? Smart technology. 

For most homeowners, the first place they turn to is a smart thermostat. These little gadgets are talked about everywhere. And if you’ve picked one up and installed one, you know how informative they can be. Should You Invest In a Connected Smart Ceiling Fan?

But Nest or Honeywell thermostats aren’t your only choices for integrating smart technology into your home. If you want an even more efficient house, why not invest in a connected smart ceiling fan too?

The purpose of a ceiling fan is to help cool the occupants of one room. That will never change – a ceiling fan won’t help cool your entire house. But they do offer room-specific airflow, and the cost savings can be noticeable. 

So is it beneficial to add a smart ceiling fan to your room? Adding in technology boosts the price; it costs a lot for built in sensors and smart switches at this point in time. And there aren’t a lot of companies making smart ceiling fans … yet. 

Is it worth it today?

Because the smart ceiling fans on the market today are top of the line, they also have top of the line features. When you download their apps and use them to control a ceiling fan’s functionality, you can do many different things, all from the touch of a button. Control the fan speed. Control the brightness of the light. Control when both the fan turn on and off. 

You also connect it up with your smart thermostat. Not every thermostat works with every ceiling fan, so it’s important to understand the features before you buy. But once your system is talking together and fully integrated, the sensors can work together to help keep the temperature in your room where you want it to be, when you want it. Your ceiling fan will carry part of the process. 

And that means your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard. 

Back to the question of if it’s worth it to invest in smart ceiling fan technology – it depends. 

If your goal is to create a more integrated home, if you’re already looking at the top of the line ceiling fan technology, then why not? This will add features to help you be as energy efficient as you can be. 

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