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The Best Time To Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Do you suffer from allergies? Did you know cleaning your ducts may help?

Many homes throughout Atlanta operate using gas-forced air. It’s the most common type of furnace used throughout our Metropolitan area. 

Every time your furnace operates, air blows throughout your home via your ductwork. Whatever lives inside your ducts will ultimately be dispersed into your air supply. The Best Time To Get Your Ducts Cleaned

But it doesn’t stop when you turn off your furnace for the last time in the spring. When you turn on your air conditioner, it uses the same ductwork to distribute cooled air. Which means whatever has settled in your ducts can also be distributed throughout your home in the summer time too. 

One of the top contributors to allergies is pollen. When you look outside and see flowering trees, plants, and shrubs, you can bet pollen counts will be high. And if they’re floating around in the air outside, they’ll enter your home and be distributed via your ducts every time your HVAC system operates. 

Want to make your home cleaner and remove excess pollen from your home? Then have your ductwork cleaned. But be careful when you schedule your appointment. Here’s when we would suggest it:

The End Of Spring

One of our busiest times is at the end of spring. That’s when the flowers die off and the pollen count finally settles down. This is also a good time because the temperatures are usually lower and you can open up your windows and doors and let the clean air blow through. 

Right before you get your ducts cleaned, it’s a good idea to turn your HVAC system off. That gives pollen and other biological growth a chance to settle down, making it easier for our duct cleaning systems to pick everything up. And because the high temperatures haven’t kicked in yet, you’ll be comfortable just by keeping your doors and windows open throughout the day. 

After A Flare Up

Have you been getting sicker than normal? Do your allergies bother you more often than not? It might not just be the pollen floating around outside. It might also be what’s lurking in your home. 

Dirt, debris, pollen, and other biological growth can build up throughout the year. If you’ve been remodeling or renovating your home, additional materials can build up. And as these items settle into your ductwork, they are picked up, transferred, and scattered every time your furnace or air conditioner runs. 

If you’ve been feeling a little under the weather, and can’t pinpoint a reason, look to your ducts. Duct cleaning reduces the bacteria that settles in your ducts and reduces your need for having to clean and dust throughout your home. 

While you can’t wish your allergies away, there are a few things you can do to reduce the occurrences. If you haven’t had your ducts clean in a while, maybe now is the time. 

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