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These Insulation Mistakes Will Turn Your Home Into a Nightmare

The trouble with do-it-yourself projects is they sound easy before you start, as you’re reading how-to blogs and watching videos. But once you get your hands dirty and things don’t go quite the way you assumed, that’s when the nightmare begins. 

Insulation can be one of those nightmares. What could go wrong with adding a little more insulation to your attic? It’ll just improve the efficiency of your home. And unrolling a batt and laying it in sounds easy. Even boosting it up, renting a machine, and blowing in insulation doesn’t sound that difficult. These Insulation Mistakes Will Turn Your Home Into a Nightmare

But there are a lot of ways this can go wrong. And whether you notice it now, or down the road in the form of future home problems, it’ll wind up costing you more in the long run. 

What can go wrong?

You install the wrong insulation

Just because you can pick up a specific type of insulation at your local big box store doesn’t mean it’s the perfect solution for every place in your home. Install it the wrong way, and you could increase your risk of moisture problems, which could lead to biological growth. You can also increase fire potential, and put your entire household at risk. The best way to ensure you install the right insulation for the job is to talk with a professional. 

You don’t close the gaps

Insulation only works if your home is properly sealed against air and moisture leaks. If gaps are in place, your insulation is at risk for damage caused by air and moisture intake. Be sure all leaks are closed off before installation. 

You don’t insulate around fixtures

Especially in the attic, insulation is disturbed as you remodel your home, add lights, ceiling fans, and vents to make your home more efficient. If you don’t properly install insulation around these fixtures after installation, you’re leaving a gap for airflow to escape. Even though you need insulation to fill in the gaps, never wind insulation directly around electrical fixtures and wires. It’s best to leave it to a professional to use the right kind of insulation and install it in the proper way. 

You don’t remove old insulation

There’s already some insulation up in your attic – why not just install the new insulation over the old? The first question is what shape the old insulation is in. In some cases, it is better to leave older types of insulation in place. That way toxic particles won’t escape into the air. But if there is a problem – moisture is present, and biological growth is in place – then your only solution is to take out the old and install new. A professional can thoroughly investigate your home and determine the best course of action for you. 

You focus on price

Any time you do a home project with price as your determining factor, chances are the project won’t turn out the way you planned. There are no shortcuts to successful home maintenance projects. Very rarely do you save money by attempting to do technical jobs yourself. There are always unanticipated hurdles you’ll have to cross, or ways to make mistakes and have to start the project all over again. Your best bet is to do it the right way the first time, and enjoy the end result sooner and with less stress. 

Is this the year you’ll add new insulation to your home?

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