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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Check These Electrical Issues First

Do your plans for the year include selling your home? Are you looking for home improvement projects that will add in value to determine your listing price? Don’t overlook your home’s electrical wiring. 

People may come in looking to check off wants on their buyers’ checklists: a gourmet kitchen, upgraded bathrooms, or triple pane windows. But the more serious they become, the more they dive into the details. The last thing they want to do is to sign on the bottom line, only to have a hefty home improvement project waiting in the wings. Thinking of Selling Your Home? Check These Electrical Issues First

And while they might not catch problems by walking around, their home inspector will. 

What should you consider upgrading?

Outdated wiring

With old homes often comes old wiring. If you have aluminum wiring – or worse, knob and tube – they are a leading cause of home fires. Do it for safety. Do it to keep up with technology and provide a safe way to manage today’s electronics. 

2-prong outlets

The easiest way to tell how old a home’s wiring is requires just a quick search through the home. Look at the outlets – do you see any 2-prong outlets? All outlets must be able to accept 3 prong outlets to be properly grounded. 

Not enough outlets

Head back a few decades and there wasn’t a lot to plug in. One outlet per wall per room was often sufficient. Now everything needs connection, and extension cords are nothing more than a dangerous nuisance. For convenience, safety, and necessity, include outlets where you’ll need them most. 

Circuit panels

All wiring runs through a circuit panel. When was the last time you peered inside? Are they outdated? Have any of the parts been recalled? Or are they simply undersized? 


If an outlet is in a wet location – bath, kitchen, laundry, garage, basement, outside living space – it requires a GFCI to reduce the risk of shock. These devices monitor the electrical current and cut power the moment an imbalance is detected. 

Selling your home this year? Why not upgrade your electrical first?

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