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Thinking Of Selling Your Home? Fix These Common Electrical Problems First

Thinking of selling your home? There are a lot of things to do. Find a realtor. Pack up a few boxes. Stage it for better curb appeal.

You can find checklists everywhere to help you prepare your home for sale. But most focus on making your house look good to the potential buyer. What happens after they put in an offer, and an inspection is scheduled? What will they find?

Thinking Of Selling Your Home? Fix These Common Electrical Problems FirstWe see these common electrical problems all the time. Do they exist in your home?

Improper wiring

A lot of homes have mistakes with their wiring, errors you’ve learned to live with over the years. You flip a switch, and nothing happens. A lightswitch controls an outlet in an awkward position. Or even a DIYer who flips the hot and neutral wires around, creating a potential shock hazard.

Extension cords

If you have an older home, you run the risk of having too many modern conveniences and not enough outlets to support them. You’ll know this is true if you find extension cords lying around your rooms. If there aren’t enough outlets for your lifestyle, it’s a good sign your wiring is old. While that’s not always dangerous, it is time to upgrade and ensure there aren’t more electrical problems behind the walls.

GFI outlets

Not all GFI outlets are installed correctly and in good shape. For older homes, there might not be GFI outlets in place at all. Without these outlets in place in the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas close to a water source, your house isn’t up to code.

Ungrounded outlets

Depending on the age of your home, you may still have ungrounded outlets in place. These outlets are distinct in that they have just two slots to plug into rather than the now required three. It’s a good idea to upgrade these now before they are listed as a problem on your inspection report.

Breaker panel

Part of an inspector’s job is also to evaluate the breaker panel that controls the electricity to your home. They often find things like incorrect wiring diagrams, circuit issues, or even visible damage to the panel itself. They’ll also ensure it’s big enough to handle the needs of the house, and that it appears to be in good working order.

Missing alarms

Inspectors will also ensure you have the appropriate alarms in place. Are there smoke alarms on every floor? Are there carbon monoxide detectors in the appropriate places? If you know your home has old or outdated equipment, take a moment and upgrade it now.

Before you put your house up for sale, don’t just make it look good for potential buyers, make the appropriate upgrades too so you’ll move through the inspection with flying colors. Fix these common electrical problems before you place the for sale sign in your yard.

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