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Is It Time For A New Exhaust Fan?

Is It Time For A New Exhaust Fan

Does it feel like a swamp in your home? Can you still smell dinner… from two nights ago? Either one may be an indicator it’s time for a new exhaust fan.

Your indoor ventilation system is key to having good indoor air quality. If your exhaust fan works correctly, it takes moisture, heat, odors and pollutants and sends them outside via your ductwork and venting. If not, a variety of things can become trapped inside your home, giving you air quality issues.


Excessive humidity not only makes your home uncomfortable, but it can also lead to bacteria, mildew, and biological growth that impacts the health of your family and your home.


Garlic, fried foods, and fish can linger in the air for hours. Cleaning chemicals not only linger, but have the potential of affecting your health.


Smoke, chemicals, VOCs and other pollutants can easily settle into your home’s air supply and impact your health over time.

Where should you have an exhaust fan?

Kitchen – not all range hoods exhaust air. Some are merely filters that circulate it back into the air supply. How can you tell? If smells linger, if you find greasy, smoky air after running the fan after cooking dinner, it may not be as effective as possible.

Bathroom – bathroom exhaust fans have a big job, expelling moisture from showers on a daily basis. If you have lingering smells, peeling paint or regular mildew issues, a new exhaust fan may be in order.

Laundry – washers and dryers add both heat and moisture into the air. Without the proper ventilation, it can add to your utility bill each month.

Attic – exhaust fans help control moisture and heat buildup that can occur as temperatures change drastically from season to season.

Basement – basements are prime candidates for musty odors and moisture problems.

Garages – dust, dirt and pollen can make their way in every time you open the door. Add in power tools, garden equipment, cars, chemical fumes and VOCs, and it’s a prime candidate for problems to build.

Proper ventilation means staying safe and healthy in the process. Is your home properly ventilated? Are your exhaust fans doing the best job possible? If not, it may be time for an upgrade. Give us a call today.

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