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When Is It Time To Rethink Your Atlanta Office’s Lighting?

When it comes to rethinking your office lighting, the conversation rarely starts with ways of reducing carbon emissions or even increasing energy efficiency. Instead, it starts with a need. A bulb burns out or a light is in need of replacing, and your consciousness changes to a new line of thinking.When Is It Time To Rethink Your Office Lighting?

Every business has potential savings to uncover in their everyday operations. The problem is we’re human, and we only deal with things on an as-needed basis.

For a commercial or industrial property, the ROI of LED lighting can be significant.

The argument has always been that retrofitting a building with LED lighting is a big expense. But the proof is in the math when you’re replacing your 400W traditional lighting fixture with a 150W LED version. Energy consumption is just the beginning. You also need to compare a light bulb that will last six months with one that can last up to eight years or more. If you multiply that by the number of lighting fixtures throughout your commercial space, you can see the savings is significant in just a short period of time.

Not only that, but you can also factor in labor expenses. How many hours of labor could be saved buying new light bulbs, pulling out the ladder and installing them? You’d be surprised at how much it adds up.

Still can’t make the decision to retrofit your entire building? Then start small. Start with one. Changing out one light is an easy decision, especially if you’re having trouble with a light. The average LED light can last 10 to 25 times longer than a traditional light. While you might not see a huge change in your energy usage right away, it’s a step in the right direction.

If you’re still not sold on the impact of LED, make the decision for other reasons.  Wireless technology has made the ability to control power usage even easier. If your LED is connected to the network, you can control your lighting from anywhere you have your mobile device and Internet access. By using wireless technology, you can control every aspect of lighting, including hue, intensity, and color, giving you the ability to create an effective workplace every hour of the day.

LED can also increase your competitive advantage. Imagine two buildings vying for a potential renter’s business. One has traditional lighting, the other has been retrofitted for LED. One offers lower utility costs, the ability to better control lighting to fit their needs. They offer lower fixed costs not just in the short run but for the long term. Which property do you think the renter will select?

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Like every change you make to your property, there are risks. Make sure you purchase lighting products from a reputable source. Be sure to work with a reliable electrician who offers you the greatest value for your money.

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