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It Might Be Time For Variable Speed HVAC Equipment


When it’s time to replace your HVAC equipment, it can be a difficult choice. With so many choices available to you, how do you find the balance between the “bells and whistles” that will give you more efficiency, while at the same time being conscious of your bottom line?

Sure, cost is a major concern. After all, you have to upfront the cost at the time of installation. But good HVAC equipment can last for years. It’s not something you should skimp on now, knowing it will cost you every month for years to come.

Which is why variable speed technology may be a good choice.

With many common household appliances, they operate at different levels depending on need. Your clothes washer offers heavy, normal, and small load capabilities. Your dishwasher offers heavy duty pot scrubbing and delicate cycle china cycles. Your automobile operates using many different gears.

Why doesn’t your HVAC equipment?

Variable speed gives the same efficiencies to your HVAC equipment. It allows you to have the ability to adjust your heat and cooling cycles to match your actual load. You can speed it up or slow it down, depending on your desire.

With variable speed HVAC equipment, the application can mean different things.

System return/supply fans

This process is retrofitted to equipment you already have in place. Many manufacturers have the ability to apply variable frequency drives to their existing return/supply fans in order to increase the savings. Variable speed in this process refers to the ability to match fan speed and air flow to the load of the system.

Fixed capacity compressors

Some manufacturers allow the use of a variable frequency drive to be used with a fixed capacity compressor. Although this isn’t considered to be pure variable speed technology, it can increase efficiency and offer its own level of benefits.

Dedicated variable speed compressors

The compressor is designed where the motor speed is controlled by the level of frequency applied. Each compressor is optimized with a variable frequency drive that provides a uniform rotation, no matter what speed is selected.

If your goal is to improve efficiency and realize energy savings throughout the year, consider installing variable speed technology to help you achieve your goals.

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