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Tips To Avoid Winter Plumbing Issues

Think you’re set for the winter season? Think you’re home maintenance schedule is on track, and your plumbing will be just fine as the temperatures start to dip?

Think again.Tips To Avoid Winter Plumbing Issues

Freezing pipes can happen in any home, at any time in the cold season. Just because they’ve stayed safe during other cold spells doesn’t mean the next freezing weather won’t cause problems. Like everything, your plumbing changes over time. A leaky faucet, a partly clogged pipe, even an increase in guests at the holidays putting more stress on your plumbing system. For whatever reason, you’re suddenly faced with a leak, flooding, water damage, and possibly biological growth.

Don’t take a “sit and wait” approach. Instead, take a few action steps today to prevent potential leak issues from occurring in the first place.

Disconnect all outdoor fixtures

We’re playing outside more than ever before. Have you created a new rock garden? Added a water feature? How about an outdoor living space? Do you use hoses and sprinklers to keep your baskets and pots bursting with color year round? Is all of it properly connected and insulated? Disconnect hoses and sprinklers, and ensure all outdoor fixtures are properly protected for the winter months.

Protect your pipes

Just because pipes haven’t broken before doesn’t mean they’ll remain safe this year. When temperatures drop, they are at risk for potentially freezing. Be sure all pipes are properly insulated, especially if they run next to outside walls.

Fix leaks now

No matter where you see puddles of water, or hear a constant “drip, drip, drip,” those weaknesses put you at greater risk. They are a sign that something isn’t working the way it should. Take a tour of your home and note all problem areas. Then get them fixed now before the coldest days set in.

Know the warning signs of a leak

Pipes rarely freeze without a few warning signs first. Do you know what they are? Puddles of water or a leaky fixture are only two of the signs. Others include lower water pressure, noise, or water damage around your home. You should also pay attention to your utility bills – do you notice a sudden increase in cost? If water charges go up without a reasonable explanation, it could be a sign you have a leak somewhere in your system.

Don’t put off the signs that something is wrong with your plumbing. Your winter plumbing issues will wreak havoc on your home. But you can avoid it all by performing a little home maintenance today. How can we help?

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