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Tips To Help Eliminate Toilet Odors

It’s hard to imagine life without modern day conveniences. While we might not remember when the outhouse was standard with every home, sometimes it may seem that we brought the smells inside. 

Does your bathroom always smell? Is your toilet the problem?

Some toilet manufacturers produce inferior products. Sometimes a musty or foul smell rises due to poor cleaning techniques. Simply changing cleaning products can make all the difference. Tips To Help Eliminate Toilet Odors

But sometimes it’s something more. Sometimes you need a plumber to help. 


If a smell lingers in your bathroom, it could be a ventilation problem. How is your bathroom ventilated? In older homes, they sometimes rely on a window for airflow. But who wants to rely on an open window when there is a chill in the air? Not very energy efficient. 

Instead, install an overhead fan to vent inside air to the outside. Make sure it’s powerful enough to handle the size of your bathroom. Then use it whenever you use it. Turn it on when using the shower or bath as well, as they produce humidity and moisture that can easily turn into biological growth. 


Have you noticed the toilet has a slight rock to it? Have you noticed traces of water on the floor surrounding the base? It may be due to a leaking wax ring. It might possibly be corroded, or improperly installed. Changing it out is easy to do, and can fix your problem quickly. 

The toilet itself

Like other appliances, toilets eventually wear out. They don’t flush the way they once did. The finish can wear off and harbor biological growth. 

When was the last time you replaced your toilet? Now may be the time. And by doing so, you can upgrade your technology and include more efficient appliances. How about a low-flow toilet? Or consider a dual flush. Both can decrease your water usage, and give you a cleaner look and smell. 

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