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Upgrade To Recessed Outlets

Have you ever knocked a plug out of the wall while moving a piece of furniture? Have you had to adjust where you place furniture against the wall because of protruding plugs? 

Maybe it’s time to upgrade to recessed outlets. Upgrade To Recessed Outlets

Standard outlets were the only thing home builders installed when building most houses here in Atlanta. But today’s electrical technology allows you to use electricity throughout your home without sacrificing design and beauty. 

Recessed outlets keep a lower profile on your walls. They are set deeper into the wall to prevent plugs from protruding out. They also protect cords from being damaged by running into them through daily use. 

What we love most about recessed outlets is they add design and function to every room in your home. You can select a variety of finishes. You can have two, four, even six plug receptacle designs. And if you’d prefer ports for managing power, audio, phone, and video all in one, there are options for that as well. Try them:

Behind all of your furniture. You can push your dressers, hutches, china cabinets, bookshelves, desks, and curios flush against the wall. 

Behind your flat screen tv. No more having wires and cords coming down your wall. This gives you a cleaner design. 

Along your kitchen counters. This gives you more flexibility in being able to push your appliances flush against the wall. More counter space!

Maximize your office space. If you’ve ever had to leave your copier or printer hanging over the edge of a shelf to plug it in behind, you’re going to love what recessed outlets do for your design. 

Take them outdoors too. Let’s face it; those bubble outlets for outdoor use are ugly. A necessity, but unsightly all the same. By incorporating recessed outlets outdoors, it gives you more flexibility in how they are covered and protected from the elements. 

Are you ready to upgrade your outlets? Will recessed outlets improve your design and functionality? We can help. Give us a call today. 

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