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Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Before The Holidays

Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles … Before the holidays bring you your favorite things, is your house ready?

Every year, the holiday season brings more than happy memories. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 150 homes are burned, 8 people are killed, and 14 are injured due to incorrect use of holiday lights.

If you head to your local big box store, you’ll quickly realize that stings of lights have changed a lot in just the past few years. And if your home can give the Griswold family home a run for its money, chances are you have more than a string or two of lights that are old at best.Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Before The Holidays

Those tiny little lights that you attach to your trees, windows, and roof line might not seem as powerful as the appliances in your home, but the load they produce for your electrical system can quickly add up. Even a modestly decorated home that is more than 20 years old can wreak havoc on your breaker box and meter. If it isn’t up to date, it would greatly benefit from a higher meter or breaker box boost.

And it’s not just those tiny, sparkling lights that can cause a problem. They aren’t the only things stressing your out of date electrical panel. Take a good look at what’s plugged in throughout your home. Appliances, multiple flat screen TVs, computers, mobile devices, tablets, hair dryers, curling irons, decorations – it’s a never ending competition for what gets plugged in and charged. Or worse, you buy power strips to keep up with the demand and have them throughout your home to increase the number of outlets available to use.

How do you know it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel?

You live in an older home. If your home is more than 20 years old, it wasn’t designed with today’s high tech lifestyle in mind. When was the last time your electrical panel was upgraded? It could have defective or recalled components, low amp service, and not nearly enough power to operate today’s home safely.

You notice lights dim when large appliances turn on. When your furnace kicks in, the microwave is turned on, or your hairdryer is in use, if you see a flicker in the light quality, it’s a dead giveaway you’re ready for an upgrade.

Breakers trip. Breakers are designed to trip when too much power is used at once. But when it occurs frequently, it’s a sign the breakers aren’t up for the job. The panel may be worn out. You might not have enough power for your requirements. And if it doesn’t receive the necessary attention, it might burn out and not trip during overload.

Signs of a fire in the electrical panel. Is there dark discoloration or scorch marks in the panel? It’s time for professional assistance right away.

Before the festivities begin, protect your family from fire and electrocution hazards this holiday season. Contact us today.

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