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How Can Upgrading Your Lighting Improve Your Business?

Consider a computer built in the 80s, 90s, or even in the 2000s to one built today. Even one from just a few short years ago is hardly comparable to one built today.

Technology changes at lightning speed, and with it comes a whole host of improvements. Could you operate today using only a floppy or without smart technology?

Now consider the commercial space you operate in. When was it constructed? Twenty years ago? Thirty?

According to the DOE, more than 75 percent of commercial space currently in operation is more than 20 years old. And when you add up all the space in use you’ll find collectively that more than $50 billion on antiquated lighting systems is being wasted each year.

Depending on your niche and field, up to 50 percent of your electricity budget is being sucked up by lighting demands. With just a few energy saving improvements, you could manage your costs more efficiently right from the start. Lighting upgrades come in all shapes and sizes, from changing out light bulbs to upgrading fixtures and controls, to upgrading your entire electrical system. Lighting typically gives you one of the highest returns on investment because it has the potential of saving you up to 50 percent annually on all of your lighting needs.

Lighting upgrades benefit you in many ways:

  • Better lighting quality
  • Better performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased safety
  • Boosted profits
  • Reduced maintenance needs
  • Potential drop in air conditioning needs
  • Noise reduction, as newer lights may not have the same hum as older technology

Today’s technology means you can have lighting that brightens up your environment at a reduced cost. It means having access to updated technology that allows sensors, dimmers, even automation to play an important role in how you light your surroundings.

Confused by what’s out there? Need help figuring out the best lighting options for your business? Our experts are trained to assess your current lighting system and help you decide the perfect lighting solutions matched for your needs … and your budget.

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