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Upgrading Your Outlets

Upgrading Your Outlets

Home. We find the one we love. We buy it. We live in it.

What’s not to love?

Except for those little things that start nagging at you.

It’s impossible to move into a house and live there for any length of time and not have a few of those nagging problems. You’re constantly reminded.

What about your outlets?

Depending on the age of your home, every day you may be reminded of a functionality problem.

  • Why isn’t there an outlet on this wall?
  • Why is it so difficult to have a place to charge all of my electronic devices?
  • Why isn’t there a more convenient place to plug this in?

Nothing upgrading your outlets wouldn’t cure.

A functionality update may be just the thing you need.

USB Outlets

Everybody has a phone, tablet, laptop or other electronic devices that are charged on a regular basis. For a family of four, that’s a lot of charges, especially when you’re fighting over places to keep everything plugged in. USB outlets make the entire process convenient. No more worrying about where the little white adapter went. You can easily plug in your device wherever your USB outlet resides. The kitchen, home office, and bedrooms are perfect places to start.

Nightlight Outlets

While some nightlights may be cute, most are bulky and simply take up unnecessary space. New outlets incorporate nightlight features as a part of their design. When the light in the room dims, the nightlight comes on, illuminating the space around it. No unplugging it continuously as you’re looking for more outlet space.

Recessed Outlets

Have you ever wished for an outlet in your kitchen where there simply isn’t room? Maybe a kitchen island, or on an open countertop space? Recessed outlets are becoming increasingly popular because it allows you to use your appliances anywhere. No wires to show or ugly outlets that get in the way more than they help. With pop out outlets, you can hide them when you don’t need them, bring them to the surface when you desire.

Space Saving Outlets

Outlets can be tucked away just about anywhere. How about dedicating a drawer in your kitchen or home office to a charging station? With enough outlets in the drawer, your family can plug in and tuck away all their devices in a convenient place where they will be out of sight, out of mind for the evening. In the bathroom, why not dedicate a drawer to power up curling irons, hairdryers, and power electric razors. If you add a USB outlet as well, you can keep your smart device charged while preparing for your day.

Surge Protected Outlets

Every home, or business is filled with delicate electronics that we use daily. Whole home surge protection is a great way to protect your home, but what if a surge happens before it reaches the panel? TVs, computers, and theater systems need on point protection. Surge protected outlets are perfect instead of having to use a surge strip when you already have to many wires back there. They install like any outlet would, but offer protection to anything that is plugged into the outlet. This is a great way to protect that TV on the wall with no visible wires, and assure that your equipment is safe guarded against any damage caused by a sudden surge in your voltage.

Is it time to update your outlets this year?

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