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Water: What May Be Troubling Your HVAC Equipment

Do you think of water when you think of your HVAC system? Probably not. Yet water is a constant in your HVAC equipment all year through.

In winter, your heating system produces water as air condenses the cold. In summer, the need for quick cooling of the air supply produces a significant amount of moisture build-up. And in many cases, your HVAC system isn’t up for the challenge of proper drainage.Water: What May Be Troubling Your HVAC Equipment

This not only puts your HVAC equipment at risk, but it also puts your health at risk too.

In many buildings, the industry-standard for HVAC drains isn’t enough to ensure water exits the system in a fast enough manner. Because there is crossover between the HVAC unit and the building’s plumbing, it’s often not an easy process to determine the best person for the problem. So the problem grows until it’s too big to ignore.

Another problem that exists is a tight building. Compared to older buildings that were built even a decade or two before, today’s buildings are virtually air and water tight. This means furnace fans operate all the time to encourage air movement and keep moisture from building up. HVAC equipment that doesn’t properly remove moisture thanks to frozen, shallow, or blocked drains increasingly puts the surrounding area at risk. Instead of merely conditioning the air, it picks up and carries contaminants too, increasing the risk of “sick building” development.

So what’s the answer?

It starts with effective preventative maintenance.

A professional HVAC technician understands that management is key to prevent problems. Biological growth can quickly accumulate in stagnant water, so it’s important to use an inhibitor to prevent growth if the problem isn’t’ fixed immediately, as well as ensuring the timeliness of maintenance requests to get the problem fixed.

It’s also about putting effort into potential fixes for the future. Both owners and HVAC contractors understand and see value in discovering more advanced, predictive maintenance solutions as well as incorporating advanced features in new technology. Much-improved drainage solutions mean a healthier environment for all.

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