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What Can Happen If Your Commercial HVAC System Isn’t Properly Sized

Are you ready to have a new HVAC system installed in your commercial property? There are a lot of things to consider before making your final selection.

Of course, fuel type, delivery methods, and cost are all probably front and center in your mind. One thing people rarely spend enough time considering, however, is the size of the unit.What Can Happen If Your Commercial HVAC System Isn’t Properly Sized

Different HVAC systems are designed to produce and distribute different amounts of airflow during one cycle. If the system is properly sized for your commercial space, then you have nothing to worry about. If it’s improperly sized, you’ll have problems throughout the life of your system.

If it’s oversized …

If a system is oversized, it puts out more heating in one cycle than a building needs. This often leads to the thermostat shutting down the system before it has completed its cycle. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. If a system isn’t allowed to complete its cycle, parts start to wear out faster than they should. This increases the chances of parts going bad, repair costs, and also wastes money by not utilizing the system to its full capacity. It’ll cost more to operate throughout the life of the system, and you’ll end up replacing it faster than you originally planned.

If it’s undersized …

If a system is undersized, the problem is reversed. An undersized system cannot generate enough heat to satisfy the building’s thermostat. In an attempt to compensate for the lack of sufficient air supply, the system begins to operate on a longer time frame. This means your commercial space will rarely feel as if it is adequately heated, you’ll waste energy, and the equipment will wear down at a quicker pace. Just like the oversized model, you’ll wind up replacing an undersized model long before its estimated life.

Selecting HVAC equipment properly sized

It’s not as easy as looking at a number on the box. Properly sized systems take a number of calculations to determine the right HVAC equipment for your space. Professional technicians are trained in properly sizing a system for installation, so you can be sure your heating system will serve you properly no matter what the weather is like outside.

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