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What To Do When There’s No Air From Your Air Conditioner

The temperature is quickly creeping up: 89, 90, 91. You flip the switch on your thermostat to increase the cool air flowing through your home. But very quickly you find it’s not working. It may be air, but it’s anything but cool. 

What To Do When There’s No Air From Your Air ConditionerThis isn’t just about staying cool. If you have young children, seniors, or someone with a chronic condition, it could be life-threatening. Calling someone out for emergency repairs takes time and can be inconvenient and costly. And if it turns out to be a minor thing you could have fixed yourself, it can be frustrating. 

Before you give us a call, try a couple of things first. 

Double check the thermostat

Have you heard the one about a computer repair person being called in to fix a computer problem, only to discover the only thing needed was to plug the computer in? Sometimes the item is needs fixing is so simple, we overlook it. Head back to your thermostat and verify it’s set properly before you call in a professional. Check to make sure it wasn’t set to heating mode or turned off completely. Adjust the temperature down a few degrees to see if it turns on. Just a few double checks can often find easy solutions – and save you a house call.

Try the circuit breaker

Your AC system often operates on its own breaker. If no air is coming out of your ventilation system at all, verify that the system didn’t trip the breaker. If you find a system trips the breaker more than once, and becomes a common occurrence, it’s time to call in a professional to assess why it’s occurring. This can still be a dangerous problem, so it’s best to solve the problem once and for all. 

Call in an expert

Don’t leave your repair to chance, or hire anyone other than a true professional. The hot days may last a while, and it’s important to fix the problem as quickly as possible, especially if you have at-risk people living under your roof. 

Are you experiencing emergency air conditioning problems that require immediate attention? 

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