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What You Should Know Before Turning Blown-In Insulation Into A DIY Job

As a homeowner, there are a lot of home maintenance jobs to do each year. Some are perfect for the do it yourselfer. Others are not. 

Scour the internet, and you’ll find a lot of tips on turning blown-in insulation into a do it yourself job. You’re looking for ways to save money – why not rent the equipment and insulate your attic yourself? 

What You Should Know Before Turning Blown-In Insulation Into A DIY JobWe’ve even seen the step by step instructions. They look simple enough:

  • Seal all air leaks
  • Repair or replace vents
  • Insulate attic entrance
  • Mark your reference point
  • Pick up a blower and go

In one weekend, you’re attic will be filled with new, high quality insulation. Your house will be warmer. And you’ll pocket cash both in the form of how much you saved by doing it yourself, and from the energy savings in the months to come. 

Except these instructions miss one very important part of the job: experience. 

When was the last time you insulated an attic? Do you have enough experience as a home inspector to determine if your attic is in good condition before you start the job? Do you have enough knowledge to know you’re doing the job the right way? 

There’s a lot more to the project than meets the eye. That’s where expert knowledge comes into play. 

When we are hired for the job, the first part of the process is a full evaluation. Because it’s important to determine where air leaks are, if vents are located in the proper place, if moisture is getting in, and how good of shape your current insulation is. 

Will you miss a spot in the corner we would have easily picked up on? 

Will that turn into a problem down the road? Biological growth isn’t something to mess around with. It can impact your family’s health. 

There are some home maintenance jobs that are easy to take on yourself. Installing blown-in insulation isn’t one of them. 

If you’re ready to create a warmer, more comfortable living environment within your home, adding blown-in insulation is a perfect place to start. We’re happy to help. 

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