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What’s Better, Professional Drain Cleaning or Home Remedies?

Guests are arriving in just a bit. You’ve been getting ready for days. And right at the most inopportune time, your drain backs up.

Should you attempt to clean it yourself? After all, there’s an entire aisle at your local big box store dedicated to helping you keep your drains working.

Do home remedies really work? Or is it more of an illusion that you can pour something down the drain, hit the heart of the problem, and won’t have any more trouble in the future?What’s Better, Professional Drain Cleaning or Home Remedies?

While you might not care at the moment – you have guests arriving soon! – you will when the problem continues to arise. Many times, using home remedies such as chemical cleaners, a plunger, or even a drain snake will clear surface level debris from your pipes, but will leave sludge deeper in the system. In other words, you’ve only cleared a portion of the problem. And very quickly you’ll add to the problem with a new set of debris, and you’ll start the process all over again.

The plumbing system isn’t that difficult to understand. Pipes bring water into your home via the water main, and push it back out and into the sewer system. Inside your house, plumbing pipes weave from room to room, from the lower levels to the upper levels, bringing water to bathrooms, laundry room, the kitchen.

While home remedies can only reach so far, professional cleaning services have the capability of clearing out pipes throughout your home. They offer a variety of safe solutions that get to the root of the problem without losing the integrity of your plumbing pipes.

Those chemical solutions you can buy at your favorite store? They may offer a quick fix, but they have many risks. They are highly toxic, and have the ability to cause more problems than they solve. Things like:

  • Fumes – they can linger for a long time, irritating eyes, nose, and throat
  • Environmental issues – you’re releasing toxic chemicals into the water supply, which can harm everything from your pipes to underground water supplies
  • Pipe deterioration – harmful chemicals often get caught in the debris as it travels down your pipes. Because of its corrosive nature, it can start eating away at the finish of your pipes.
  • Chemical burns – if it splashes on your skin, or worse, your eyes, it can cause chemical burns and do serious harm.

While you might not think you have time for a professional, or even want the expense of calling in a plumber, the alternative can be worse. Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your plumbing system is working the way it should. But when you have a problem – especially if it’s a recurring problem – your best course of action is to seek professional plumbing guidance. They will ensure your pipes are cleaned the right way, reducing the chances of more problems in the future.

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