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What’s Clogging Your Toilet

What’s Clogging Your Toilet

The concept of the toilet has been around for centuries. Originally designed in the late 1500s, it wasn’t popularized until the mid-1850s. From that point forward, our modern day bathrooms and toilets have become a standard part of our architecture.

But just because the toilet is sitting there, ready and at your disposal, doesn’t mean everything should be disposed of down the drain. In fact, many things can cause you more damage and bigger problems very quickly.

Bathroom Wipes

These moist towelettes are increasingly a popular bathroom accessory. Despite the fact that they are marketed to be flushed like toilet paper, these wipes are anything but flushable and biodegradable. In fact, industry trade groups are revising their guidelines to put warning labels on all flushable wipes, changing their advisory to “do not flush”. Even local communities are taking a stand against bathroom wipes, suing manufacturers for the problems they cause sewer lines. Bottom line, don’t flush.

Cotton Balls and Swabs

They’re tiny. They’re soft. But when you mix them with water, they turn into a gooey mess. Instead of breaking down, they eventually begin clinging together, combining with other materials that aren’t biodegradable, and cause massive blockages.

Prescription Medication

It used to be a recommended standard that when you were done with medicine or it had expired, simply flush the unused portion away. Now we know how dangerous it is. These drugs destroy bacteria, contaminate underground water supplies, and have daunting effects on wildlife downstream. Instead, check with your doctor or local pharmacy for a drug takeback program near you.

Paper Towels

While paper towels act in a similar manner to toilet paper, they are thicker, more absorbent design. And as such they aren’t designed to break down in water like toilet paper. Flushing them means they begin building up within your pipes, and can cause major problems both in your home and out in the main sewer lines.

Cat Litter

Litter boxes are often kept in the bathroom. And it may seem like a good idea to flush it all away. But cat litter is made from clay and sand, two things that should never be sent down a toilet. They are damaging to your toilet and your pipes, and cat waste contains toxins and parasites that shouldn’t be in our water system.

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