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What’s The Best Blown In Insulation?

Looking for ways to make your home warmer and more efficient? Adding insulation can get the job done. 

There are several different kinds of insulation – you’ll find batting, spray-on foam, and rigid boards, just to name a few. But if you’ll be adding insulation to your older home, the most cost-effective material is blown-in cellulose. What’s The Best Blown In Insulation?

Cellulose insulation is made up of recycled newspaper treated with a non-toxic borate to make it fire retardant and resistant to biological growth. Cellulose is a lightweight material, but when you blow it into place, it can be packed densely into every corner of your attic. It’s the perfect material to pack down and create a thick, protective blanket to keep your home warm. 

It settles into cracks. It eliminates drafts. 

While it may seem easy to pump cellulose into your attic, it’s a messy job that isn’t a good DIY project. Only a professional knows how to spray it into place to achieve proper density while adding the benefits of tightly sealing every corner. A pro also understands how to properly insulate around things like soffit vents, to keep it clear so air keeps moving without damaging your home. 

Before the insulation is installed, you should also ensure that all air leakage sites are sealed up. Professionals know where to look. Most DIYers have no idea. If you do add insulation without sealing up air leaks, you may have comfort, durability, efficiency, and indoor air quality issues. 

Do you want a warmer, more efficient home this year? Maybe this is the year you add blown-in insulation to your attic, and start feeling the increased comfort levels from day one. 

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