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When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures?

A part of upkeep and home maintenance is upgrading your home from time to time. Nothing will keep your home fresher and give you more satisfaction than upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. Of the two, your bathrooms are often an easier job to tackle, and will be more budget friendly as well. 

When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures?While there isn’t a set time for when you should change out fixtures and update appliances, nothing is designed to last forever. If it’s been years since you’ve upgraded, a renovation may be in store to bring things up to date. Not only might they have become eyesores, but they might be hazardous as well. If they don’t meet today’s electrical codes, for example, you might be putting your family at risk. 

Still, just looking at a fixture or appliance can be deceiving. It turns on. It operates. How do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? 

Sinks and appliances may have an enamel coating that starts to look worn. Even though enamel is a hard substance, it can still chip, scratch, and dent over time. While enamel can be repaired, too many repairs can make the surface lose its sheen. 

Your fixtures or appliances no longer meet your needs. If you’ve visited your local parade of homes or watched any HGTV, you might be surprised at what technology has done for virtually every appliance in your home. Even the bathroom faucet has been upgraded, giving you easier access to water than ever before. Why touch it when you can wave your hand? You can also add accessibility by bringing in walkable tubs or higher toilets, or turn your master suite into a spa – how about a steam shower? 

The style is way out of date. While some homes may look great with a retro feel, sticking with avocado green appliances and orange accessories, for the rest of us it’s simply time for it to go away. Not only should you update for a more modern look and feel, but it will bring in energy efficiency too. 

You may also want to upgrade for safety. Plumbing fixtures can wear out for a variety of reasons, including overuse, corrosion, or as it builds up sediment. Water stains and rust marks are an indication it’s time for a change.

While your first stop may be your local big box store when you’re planning a bathroom remodel, don’t forget to call in a professional plumber too. Sometimes the fixture isn’t the problem; it’s your plumbing too. We can help make recommendations that will keep your home looking good while running as efficiently as possible in the process.

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