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Why a Ductless Air Conditioner Maybe The Way To Go

Here in Atlanta, air conditioning isn’t optional, it’s a requirement, especially on those days when the temperatures and the humidity levels are both creeping towards double digits.

Yet not every homeowner wants an air conditioning system that operates using ductwork.Why a Ductless Air Conditioner Maybe The Way To Go

Enter the ductless air conditioning system. These workhorses are increasing in popularity for good reason. They increase efficiency. They save money. They keep you cool! And they’re easy to install anywhere you live.

Of course, there are many reasons you should take another look at how a ductless air conditioner can help you this summer. Here are a few.

They save you money

It’s all about the money, right? We know spreading your hard-earned dollars a little farther tops your list. That’s why you’re going to love the ductless air conditioner. These machines use substantially less energy than their more traditional counterparts – up to 30 percent per month. That means you can have cool air where you want it, and save where you don’t.

They make your home more comfortable

Which rooms in your home are harder to heat than others? Which rooms do you like colder – or warmer? The trouble with a duct system is cold air runs through the ducts and cools every room in your home at the same time. With ductless air conditioning, you control the temperature in each room by how you use the equipment. Keep it colder in the master bedroom, warmer in a guest bedroom. Cool the kitchen more than the living space. You decide.

They are quieter

If you’re tired of a noisy AC system, you’ll love how much quieter a ductless AC unit operates. No more listening to a large system turn on and off, clunking as it kicks the system into gear. And because these units can be installed virtually anywhere, you’ll love that they save space too.

They are better for the environment

Installing a ductless air conditioner means you’ll increase your efficiency. No more operating the air conditioning as one system; you can be selective about where you cool. This can help you control your carbon footprint, and cool only the places you’re going to use. It’s a great solution to help you control your costs while increasing your efficiency at the same time.

And because there’s no ductwork, these ductless systems help keep your air quality better do. If you have allergies, this may be just the thing you need to create a healthier home environment.

For all your ductless air conditioning questions and more, give us a call today. Or click here.

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