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Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Replace Your AC System

Fall is here. The warm months are finally fading away. Soon, you’ll turn your air conditioner off for the last time, and put it out of your mind until next spring. 

But what if your AC system has been giving you trouble? What if it hasn’t been operating as effectively as it has in the past? Should you put that out of your mind too, and deal with the consequences next spring?

Or is it a better idea to deal with it now? Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Replace Your AC System

Replacing your old AC system now may save you in the long run. Here’s why. 

It saves you money. We get a lot of business in the spring when the first heat wave strikes and people try to turn on their air conditioner for the first time. That’s when we sell the most new units. But if you know you need a new system, start looking now in the fall. Because you don’t need it, you can take your time and review your options. You can compare units to be sure you’re getting the best deal for your home. You can even plan accordingly to ensure it fits within your budget, rather than having to use emergency funds. 

It allows you to shop. Chances are it’s been a while since you purchased your last AC system. A lot has changed in the past few years. There have been significant strides to make air conditioners more efficient and less taxing on the environment. You can also add technology to make your home more comfortable. How about programmable features? Or controls to make your home less humid? Ask questions and seek advice on selecting the right AC system for your family. 

It allows you to plan. Too often, homeowners jump at the first air conditioner because they have one goal in mind: a cool home. Then they put their AC choice out of mind until the next problem and repair surfaces. But if you start your search for a new AC system in the fall, it can give you the chance to educate yourself on possibilities. There’s more to heating and cooling your home than selecting the first system you see. If your system is too small, it won’t keep up with demand on the hottest days. If your system is too big, it will cycle to quickly and cause huge temperature swings in your home. You should also beware of replacing your current system with one similar in size and capacity. It might not have been sized right in the first place. 

The best place to start is with a full evaluation to determine the perfect AC system for your home. We can help you determine what fits best inside your home, and give you suggestions on your best selections. 

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