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Why LED Bulbs Are Better Than Incandescent

Look around your home or office. Have you made the switch to LED? 

For most of us, incandescent bulbs are what we’re used to. It’s what feels like home. That yellow light filters over our rooms, and we consider that normal for indoor lighting. Of course, incandescent has its drawbacks. That’s one of the reasons LED is coming on the scene at breakneck speed. Is it time for you to make the change?

LED offers savingsWhy LED Bulbs Are Better Than Incandescent

The primary reason LED bulbs are better than incandescent is because of the potential savings they offer. While LED bulbs may cost a bit more upfront, they last much longer than incandescents. That means you won’t be replacing them as often, which will save you money over time. 

LED saves the environment

Incandescent bulbs take more energy to operate. With LED, you’ll use less energy every minute they are in operation. That means a savings to you on your electrical bill, as well as saving our precious resources. 

When less electricity is needed, it means less carbon emissions produced, and less pollutants released into the atmosphere. That means a better planet overall. 

LED may benefit your health

Have you ever wished the light by a chair was just a little bit brighter? Or a harsh light in a workshop was just a little softer? That’s hard to create with incandescent. But with LED, you can mimic just about any color of light you desire. 

The color of light is produced by temperature. The cooler the temperature, the redder the light. Incandescent light is at the low end of the spectrum; that’s what gives them their orange glow. But that might not be best for every situation in your home. When you warm the light, it turns a bit bluer. It also appears a bit clearer, brighter. That makes it perfect for detailed tasks such as sewing or reading. 

Have you made the switch to LED bulbs? 

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