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Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Furnace In The Summer

The temperatures are rising. The highs are reaching well into the 70s and 80s. The 90s and 100s are right around the corner. 

It’s time to service your furnace. 

Okay, that might sound a little counterintuitive to you. After all, heat is the last thing you want to think about. The only thing you want to think about now is how much cool air your air conditioner can blast out, and how many rotations your ceiling fan can make. Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Furnace In The Summer

We get it. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the other side of the HVAC equation – the one that worked hard all winter to keep you warm. 

Think back to the final days of winter. How well was your furnace working? Did you hear little pings and clunks? Did certain rooms seem not as warm as others? Did you notice funny smells? 

When you’re operating your furnace just a few hours a day, it’s easy to put aside those warning signs you’d otherwise act on. After all, you only turn it on a few times. Summer’s coming. Why worry about it now?

But delaying a repair could lead to bigger surprises come fall. If something is wrong, the damage could be even worse than before. And if you wait until the first cold spell, you’ll be put in a queue along with all the other residents here in Atlanta who had “emergency” situations too. That can mean a bigger hit to your pocketbook as you might require service in not-so-convenient times. 

Need more reasons?

The heat pump is also used in the summer

Your air conditioner is a part of your HVAC system. Together, they heat and cool your home. When your air conditioner operates, it flows through the system and uses the heat pump before being distributed via the ventilation system that runs through your home. That means if something was in need of repair with your heating equipment before the summer months, the problem will only worsen every time your air conditioner turns on. 

The air conditioned air flows through your vents

Dust builds up, and dangerous gases can be emitted into your living environment any time air is forced through your system. If you have a gas-forced heating system, your heater and air conditioner use the same vents to push air into every room in your home. If your vents and ducts aren’t in top condition, what’s inside is filtered into the air supply and out into your rooms. That means you can be at risk no matter what time of the year it is. It’s still crucial to have a working carbon monoxide detector and to ensure your ductwork is as clean as it can be. 

The money you spend every month on energy bills could still be high

If your HVAC equipment isn’t running as efficiently as possible, it costs you every month on your energy bills. That includes both your heating and cooling equipment. Many things can go wrong, from a dysfunctional motor to a leaking pipe, to faulty parts. Even small problems can cost you money every time your HVAC equipment operates, winter or summer. 

If you thought you had a problem with your furnace the last few days of the season, now is the time to call in a technician and find out what’s wrong. 

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