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Why You Should Winterize Your Commercial Property

March may bring in the first signs of spring, but don’t let the bright sunshiny days fool you. It can still feel like winter outside. In fact, one of the record-setting days here in Atlanta occurred in March, with the low dropping just past 10 degrees!

If you haven’t done so before, it’s still a good time to winterize your commercial property. Paying attention to these tasks will ensure your building is safe now and well into the future. What’s more, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to have a significant impact. This can influence how well your property is conditioned as well as control the quality of the air.Why You Should Winterize Your Commercial Property

The concept of winterization is easy to understand. It’s defined as the adaption or preparation of something for the use in cold weather. There are three critical characteristics to focus on as you winterize your commercial property.

Comfort – HVAC was invented purely for the comfort of those who occupy a space. In a home, rather than relying on a centralized fireplace to heat the house, HVAC uses ductwork to control the airflow into every room. The same applies to commercial spaces. An HVAC system has to be powerful to ensure air flows to every floor, every room. It also has to be customized based on what they occupants do within the space. A hospital is different from a retail space. Sensitive equipment needs more control than an open-air restaurant.

Energy Use – Many commercial properties have a variety of uses for the spaces inside their buildings. For some, it’s from 9 to 5, with big chunks of downtime and no one around. For other properties, it might be a 24 hour routine, with someone always coming and going. You might also have spaces that are used for storage, some are used only for meeting space once in a while, while others are manned full time. You’ll need a combination of programmable thermostats, proper insulation, and a full time maintenance plan to ensure every aspect of your HVAC system is working correctly and meeting everyone’s needs.

Disaster Prevention – If you have office space, downtime could simply be sending office workers home on the warmest or coldest days of the year. Problems with the HVAC system may be an inconvenience, but once fixed, you don’t think much about it. For others, it’s a do-or-die situation. You can’t be without a heating or cooling system in a nursing facility. No matter what, if your HVAC system isn’t working efficiently, it impacts your bottom line. And the longer the problem lingers, the more it costs you. Prevention is everything.

Have you accounted for all three of these characteristics as you winterize your commercial property? If not, we can help. Our maintenance program is designed to help you avoid HVAC shutdown, address issues that will make your heating and cooling systems more efficient, and improve indoor air quality so you can reduce complaints.

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