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Will Whole House Surge Protectors Protect You From Lightning Strikes?

Imagine trying to live without electricity. If you’ve had a power outage recently, you know how difficult it can be. No matter what you try to do, it’s connected to electricity. 

Cook? Nope, not without electricity. 

Work on a computer? Not for an extended period of time. There will be no way to charge your battery up. Will Whole House Surge Protectors Protect You From Lightning Strikes?

A long, hot shower? The water reserved in your water heater will only stay hot for so long. 

Living without electricity is a difficult thing at best. But on the other side, too much of a good thing is equally as bad. Sudden jolts of power can wreak havoc on your entire electrical system. It can short out appliances and destroy sensitive electronics. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association estimates that 60 to 80 percent of power surges are created from within, such as when a large appliance, like an air conditioner, turns on and off. 

No home is immune. But there is a way to prevent it from happening. 

Whole house surge protectors are wired to your power box and help protect your appliances and electrical systems within the home. If and when a power surge occurs, surge suppression strips absorb and shunt the impact. These systems are designed to last for years. 

Shouldn’t you just protect your biggest appliances?

If surges are more likely to occur in your biggest energy drainers, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t just hook them up to their own dedicated surge protectors. The problem lies with what happens after a short. An appliance on a dedicated circuit will send a surge back to the breaker panel, where it can then travel to other circuits throughout your home if it isn’t properly protected. Think of it as protection for the wiring, helping control what’s delivered to every outlet throughout your home.

Lightning isn’t your biggest danger

Most shorts aren’t large, powerful, one time events – like lightning – but instead, are short, local bursts that come from within your home. An appliance that has worked fine for years suddenly produces a mini-surge that impacts your power. Or voltage from the utility line enters your home through the service panel. You can’t predict them. Their possibilities morph and change all the time. Especially in today’s world where we’re adding more electronics and technology to our homes.

But what about lightning?

In short, there is virtually nothing you can do to protect your home from a direct lightning hit. If they are commonplace in your area and you are worried about it, investing in lightning rods can help you reduce your exposure. 

Power outages aren’t going away. And our homes are more wired and connected than ever before. A whole house surge protector offers you an easy way to protect the sensitive appliances and electronics that have become an active part of your lifestyle. It can ensure they are well-protected every hour of the day. 

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