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Repairing Your Plumbing After A Flood

Think the only flood danger comes from a hurricane? Think again. Homes can flood for a variety of reasons. Rivers can rise. Rain can fall in abundance. Even the pipes inside your home can suddenly crack, leaving behind inches of water especially if you aren’t home at the time.

If your home is impacted by flooding, there are many hidden plumbing problems that you won’t find without the help of a professional plumber.

Clogged DrainsRepairing Your Plumbing After A Flood

When flood water backs up into your home, it may contain dirt and silt. As the water recedes, that residue is left behind. Any drains in your home that were underwater during the flooding have the potential to be clogged with these particles. While you might be able to remove some of it with plumbing snakes, a professional can ensure the entire line is clear.

Damaged Fixtures

The fixtures in your home can be physically damaged if they are exposed to flood waters. In some cases, a little TLC is all they need. A thorough cleaning can remove trace particles to prevent biological growth. Your plumber can ensure all are properly cleaned or replaced as necessary.

Broken Pipes

With plumbing, there are pipes you can see, and those you can’t. As flood water recedes, watching for new puddles to form is a clear indication you have problems with your pipes. But before you encounter further damage, a plumber can go in and assess your entire plumbing system, determining if cracks or leaks exist throughout.

Standing water can also cause havoc on what lies beneath the ground. Buried water and waste lines can fail from the crushing weight of flood waters. If you see sinkholes in your yard after the water recedes, that’s a possible sign one or more of your lines has collapsed. A professional plumber can confirm.

Foundation Problems

The longer water sits, the more affected your plumbing system is, the more extensive the damage. Foundation damage can occur during a flood if there’s movement in the saturated soul beneath the foundation. This unsteady ground can lead to cracks, and plumbing problems are just one of the things that can be further damaged in the process. Foundation repair is a must before certain pipes into your home can be repaired.

Flood damage can be overwhelming, but there’s no job too big for the dedicated plumbers here at RSAndrews. No matter how your home has been impacted by flooding, we’re here to help.

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